Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evan Iliadis is getting weirder and weirder :-)

Evan Iliadis now believes his own lies and can not  distinguish between Reality and Fantasy.

In his last Lie and defamation Troll Blog Evan Iliadis posted a several year old Post as one of his "proofs" of his usual "Inventions".

Evan Iliadis Troll Identity in Living in Cebu Forums.

Seems like a Post of some "poor" fellow being wrongly accused by someone else in the "Living in Cebu forums", right ? Dated back Dec. 2008 .

The only thing wrong with it is that this and the other 10 posts where created by Cyber Stalker and Troll Mr. Evan Iliadis himself under a false identity., 

Yes, the "DeanMarston" account was opened with the same Yahoo email he used to create the also fraudulent and false Facebook Identity :

Evan Ikliadis fake profile picture in his false facebook ID as Dean Marston
The funny profile picture Evan Iliadis has choosen

Which he tries to spread his defamatory Troll blogs. He also has a few others, mostly pretty looking female impersonations such as "Sandra Cruz" etc.  in his Facebook, as well as the rather criminal act of copying profile photos and albums of real people to create dual accounts in order to "befriend" people to gather informations about his targets.
All above are criminal acts, but Mr. Iliadis does not  care about the consequences. He has stalked and trolled the Web since years now without anything happening, so he thinks he is safe from Prosecution.

What is worrying, is that the cyberstalker Evan Iliadis has lost all connection to reality now, because the fact, that all those mentioned identities were fraudulent and false is open and known since years now. He still continue to use them though.

Similar to the pattern of stories he makes up in his blogs, which become so detached from any plausible reality, that  he is the laughing stock of anyone with common sense.

One wonders what his "goal" is? I have tried in early April, late March to communicate with Mr. Iliadis through several email and he even "offered" to take down his inventions, but in the course of a few emails his "difficulties" to act like an average and normal human being became very apparent and in the end he just bursted out into his dreamworld of cyberstalking reality.

Indeed an interesting study subject for Cyber Harrasment.