Thursday, May 2, 2013

Internet Terrorists and Censorship

English: No clean feed protests against the Ru...
English: No clean feed protests against the Rudd government's mandatory ISP filtering at Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet- Stalkers, Mobbers, Bullies, Harrassers -

Are they the new Terrorists ?

Certainly harsh words on those little menaces of society, but the Idea is maybe not too far fetched.
But when our forefathers fought for the Rights of free Speech and other liberties with their life and limbs, they certainly did not had the above Socio-paths in mind, which more and more populate the free and anonymous Internet world.
Let us go back to the beginnings of the Internet and the possibilities it creates for mankind.
In those days we only had communication possibilities either by Phone or Mail, both rather expensive ways, and the latter relatively slow.
Already now Google, Yahoo and Bing are forced to "censor" their clientle, free or paid , by introducing more and more Internationally conform Terms and Conditions.

Those Conditions restrict certain behaviour, such as defaming and or publishing some Articles.
The Internet users, mainly from the US scream that they are censored, while forgetting, that often they simply went a little "over the edge".
Unlike Newspapers and Journalists which have, after Years of Study, learned to control the way News or other Facts will be printed or aired, the regular Populace has not yet understood how to do this.

Mostly People are used to communicate in inner circles or locally, which then leads to conflicts with the law when they go into the WWW.
And often  also their motives are rather doubtful, in particular when it comes to exposing or defaming People, which in most cases is solely done as revenge and always twisted exaggerated if not completely made up.
But even when based upon facts, the Law, even in the liberal USA, prohibits the spread of private Information into public and leaves this up to the media, which is trained and can take this responsibility.
And can also be held responsible !
In this context one can see, that most people complaing the loudets about the "censorship" of the Internet are...Anonymous.
Working with AKA or totally anonymous they can say what they like, and some are fairly active with their new "hobby".
Some are even completely deranged and rather need Psychotherapy. One should not overlook, that statistically the world has a percentage of 3-5 % which have mental problems, rather controlled in the Society, but when unleashed into anonymity they can do great harm.

And just like Terrorists planting bombs and executive People in order to fight for their false believes, those People are doing just the same, planting defamations Bombs or harassing their victims with 60 tweets per minute or other messaging possibilities.
Logical, that the Victims then use the help of Police, Lawyers and other legal institution, which often also sue the ISP provider as well for large sums.
And those then react by restricting the use of their services, which often are free anyhow.
Can anyone blame Google, Bing, Yahoo and others for protecting themselves ?
A clear NO is the answer.
Just like Newspaper or Radio/TV there are limits to what can be published, and the Internet does not differ.
Not to mention, that the ISP providers have to observe the laws of over 190 countries so risk being banned/punished for the behaviour of their users.

The solution would be to control the users in order to hold them responsible, which is done by IP addresses, but just like with the predecessor of the Internet, the Postal Service, this is not always possible.
And just like Countries harbouring terrorists, some Companies make money providing the Internet Terrorists with "safe Harbour" and anonymity. ( For exchange of Cash) Usually those are the same harbouring Child Pornography and other Internet Criminality.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Evan Iliadis is getting weirder and weirder :-)

Evan Iliadis now believes his own lies and can not  distinguish between Reality and Fantasy.

In his last Lie and defamation Troll Blog Evan Iliadis posted a several year old Post as one of his "proofs" of his usual "Inventions".

Evan Iliadis Troll Identity in Living in Cebu Forums.

Seems like a Post of some "poor" fellow being wrongly accused by someone else in the "Living in Cebu forums", right ? Dated back Dec. 2008 .

The only thing wrong with it is that this and the other 10 posts where created by Cyber Stalker and Troll Mr. Evan Iliadis himself under a false identity., 

Yes, the "DeanMarston" account was opened with the same Yahoo email he used to create the also fraudulent and false Facebook Identity :

Evan Ikliadis fake profile picture in his false facebook ID as Dean Marston
The funny profile picture Evan Iliadis has choosen

Which he tries to spread his defamatory Troll blogs. He also has a few others, mostly pretty looking female impersonations such as "Sandra Cruz" etc.  in his Facebook, as well as the rather criminal act of copying profile photos and albums of real people to create dual accounts in order to "befriend" people to gather informations about his targets.
All above are criminal acts, but Mr. Iliadis does not  care about the consequences. He has stalked and trolled the Web since years now without anything happening, so he thinks he is safe from Prosecution.

What is worrying, is that the cyberstalker Evan Iliadis has lost all connection to reality now, because the fact, that all those mentioned identities were fraudulent and false is open and known since years now. He still continue to use them though.

Similar to the pattern of stories he makes up in his blogs, which become so detached from any plausible reality, that  he is the laughing stock of anyone with common sense.

One wonders what his "goal" is? I have tried in early April, late March to communicate with Mr. Iliadis through several email and he even "offered" to take down his inventions, but in the course of a few emails his "difficulties" to act like an average and normal human being became very apparent and in the end he just bursted out into his dreamworld of cyberstalking reality.

Indeed an interesting study subject for Cyber Harrasment.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Volunteering in the Philippines ?

English: Karla Henry - Miss Philippines Earth ...
English: Karla Henry - Miss Philippines Earth 2008 during the Press Conference of Miss Earth 2008 in Traders Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Volunteering in the Philippines ?!



Why would one want to fill his days ( and empty his pockets) with volunteer works ?

That is a good question, which I have asked myself many years ago also. To be exact after my world Travels where I was overwhelmingly helped selflessly by so many People, that being humbled is not the correct expression to express my lifetime gratitude to the armada of "Samaritian"

So I first joined some organisations helping the Philippines ( which were in Germany) Not the BIG ones such as Red Cross, no, just small and local active ones with overseeable goals.
Thus I also had more satisfying moments when things "worked out".
Then in 1998 I moved to Cebu and continued, to receive Invitations to "Clubs" isn't a big deal, there is always a Rotary Club Member in the neighborhood.
I was happy with my "Knights of Rizal" though and it took a while before I finally accepted the Invitation of Cerge Remonde to join the established Kiwanis Club of Cebu.
Guenther Vomberg Philippine Coast Guard Auxilary in tanon2
tanon2 (Photo credit: guenthervomberg)
A year later I joined the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, mainly because I had a Sail Yacht and was more or less obliged to help the under equipped and understaffed Official one.

As active Diver I also was glad to sail around with the "Flag" (Which is a painted Round Emblem on the Side of the Boats)and see all those Dynamite Fishers running once they saw my boat coming up upon the Horizon.
However, there is much more to this.

The main reason instead is this :

Filipinos in generally do not "mingle" too much outside their extended Family and friends which they have since ages. The visiting of neighbours with the "bottle of wine under ones arm" is not customary. For this one has Fiestas and other occasion.
With other words, mostly every event is invitational.
To "storm" a House of a Friend or without  an Invitation or at least a well placed prior notice is not customary and can place the involuntary "host" into great shame.
However, Filipinos, and especially Urban ones, do have a lot of social life, but not inside their homes which is reserved for family life.
But since one needs a reason to meet, they do meet a great deal at Clubs and civic organizations. This starts as early as College Life and does not stop till they meet their maker.

Here is a ( not binding) "sample" List of the most popular Civic Clubs and Organizations which are open for (and towards) foreigners. 
(I also included the KoR and PCGA in ther, although not open to everyone, but they are part of the other blog.)

Rotary Clubs - Basically everywhere, and the "mainstream" of Clubs with the largest Expat Participation.
(~ P 4500 ,- php/annually)

Lions Clubs - Mainly, as in our home Countries, for business people and lawyers etc. - Mostly for Asian expats.
( Costs differ P 2000,- to HQ plus local chapter)
Lions Clubs International
Lions Clubs International (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kiwanis Clubs - very small and like Lions Club, but a bit more Family orientated. Only recently open towards foreigners.
( P 3750,- annual)
Kiwanis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary - For Yachtowners, Divers, Environmentalists and Sea People in General.
( ~1600 lower rank/ - 3000-, Commander/Captain- annual )

Order of the Knights of Rizal- Academics. Not open, strictly invitational. (P 300,- annual donation for secretarial cost)
Crest of the Knights of Rizal
Crest of the Knights of Rizal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Annual fees vary and the published ones only cover the minimum, All projects are run on own donations within the club and can run into 100.000 of Pesos/Project.
The money will then be collected equally among the members. So think first before you join the most prestigious ones of wealthy Filipino.


To conclude, mainly one should join some organization in his to help of course, with all the poverty and need around one in the Philippines something which does not need to be said.
The second and more personal reason is to meet friends and make friends. In civic Org's People think likewise, they are educated, they are friendly and trust one another.
And it's a great regular "socializing" place. The meetings are mainly weekly and last 1-2 hours, but often members stay together or go out together.
Also there are kind of Parties and dinners held for this or that occasion, and of course, as a "fellow xxxxx-ian" one would be invited to many occasions.
Since Clubs represent a "tested" group of people, one can also expect not to be scammed or otherwise exploited.  At the very least the risk is almost down to zero.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide- Book and Support

Cyber Bullying & Stalking Guide Self Helpbook

We have developed a strategy book for everyone.

As one can see in the prior blog posts about in my  Case, malicious Cyber Stalkers can appear out of nowhere and for no reasons at all.

Nobody is safe from them, not even, when one is not present in the Internet. Because mentally deranged individuals are among the population, and there is not much one can do about it.
Lucky for me that my Cyber Stalker had prior victims and we were able to get in touch with each other. ( Special thanks to +Matt Wilkie for his great efforts in finding and contacting them )

So in the past six months and with the technical guidance and help of
 +Chris Bennetts , who has 30 years experience in this sector, Matt, Chris, myself and others developed and tested (an often painful experience ) a strategy to tackle our  Cyber stalker under every aspect possible.
Of course we could have chosen a short and legal battle with lawyers, but most people are not able to afford one, and the identity of a Cyber Stalker is not always known. 
Thus we decided to try the long and trial and error approach. Ideal also because the Victims of our Stalker came from different countries and the devious Man himself sat in a third nation.
So we had Victims of 5 Nations, Internet Service providers of 3 Jurisdictions, and a hideous cowardice  Stalker who was not present in any of the above countries.
Nether the less the we were able to pull down over 400 Url's, ban him from virtually any decent Internet Service provider and push the Stalker into the Cyber Wworld of illegal hosting companies right into the Russian "Cyber Mafia Space".   

Out of this and many other experiences we were able to develop the most comprehensive and practical Guidebook for Victims of Cyber Harassment.

Not only researched and then written, but also TESTED practically in the cases of multiple Victims, some of them abused since 5 and more years.

The Result was a book designed and written by +CHRIS BENNETTS,

edited by the professional Author +PERRY GAMSBY.

I myself have translated and edited the GERMAN VERSION which will be published in a few days, when the newest latest editions have been made.

A big "Thank You" also to +TIM POTTER from SUGARLAND Texas.
+Bradley Hughes  and many other unnamed victims of our Cyber Stalker helping us.
They helped actively launching complaints, giving feedback and "tested" our theories in practical.
Last but not least I should thank the Cyberstalker EVAN ILIADIS, who made this all possible. At least he had a mediocre share.

Out of all this came a remarkable True Life Book.

Since today, the CYBER BULLYING AND STALKING GUIDE  is launched 

Read more here please :

Click on the book

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evan Iliadis can't stop and ruins himself, LOL

Even my Cat is laughing now.
Photo credit: guenthervomberg Cat LMAO)

This Cyber Stalker is incredibly ridiculous. 

One would think he would stop after being caught flat in faking and criminal acts.

But no, the guy is so embarrassing himself and keeps on running from one Pit trap after another.
Let me  recall my last blog, he first claims, that this is my facebook page :
Evan "fake" with formatting  from 2010 or 2011 ?

After I proved him wrong with a LIVE link to my actual facebook Page of Guenther Vomberg 's  :

But Mr. Iliadis said and insists - "straight from his facebook page" and then as usual linked to his own website where his photo-shopped copies sit in abundance.

His problem is, he works with a facebook forgery, and everyone can check the true facebook profiles of Guenther Vomberg even when Evan Iliadis doesn't link to it. Something which did not came into Evans mind.
So people now have had second thoughts and suddenly discovered, that Evan Iliadis is the culprit and "bad guy".
But he never thought about that. His bad. Now he lost his last "followers". Not only the ones which supported him actively but also passive Readers.

Just as he never thought about his own "storyline" which is full of controversies.

On one hand his victims are all "connected" and run their alleged scams together, on the other hand he congratulate them to be "new friends".
On one hand he lifts a popular German from Bohol high up in the Air as an exemplary Man,- and when he found out, that this German is a close friend of mine, he suddenly condemns him into the ground.

And so many other examples, often he say things in one sentence which are controversial by the end of the same.

But this does not come to his mind. I wonder often if he really reads his own nonsense before publishing.
It appears like a Child playing with "Lego". he takes impressive sentences stolen somewhere from the Internet without understanding them,changes a few names and then "builds" them together as new sentences. That is really funny.

Meanwhile Evan Iliadis is soo fanatic, that he lately even has bought 
( YES, he paid money, loads of money ) for the domain names of his target Guenther Vomberg and a few others. (LOL)

Something I haven't even done in 20 years for myself. And why would I ? Everything in the Internet is FREE.

Blogs, Social Platforms, "Home-pages", (sub) domains ..
Why would I spend 18 Dollars or more for my name? Annually ?

But Evan Ilaids does just that...he bought my name Guenther Vomberg.
And the name of other guys. At least two that I knew off.
And he spends hundreds of US $ for his websites in Russia.
No more free blogging for him. He has been banned at all major sites for being a Cyber troll. Thanks to me. No wonder he hates me.

At least he got the Wordpress software for free.

(Be careful Evan, Wordpress is Open Source Software, and you have a Russian Server Host )

The poor man is really a pitiful "person". Instead of enjoying the last years of his life in dignity he sits on his MAC and writes blogs about people he has never met and which have never done anything to him or others. At least the three I know and have met. Chris Bennetts, Timothy Potter-Zol, Matt Wilkie. Although I have not met Matt yet...But just like the other people seem absolutely innocent people.
Well, they all must be innocent, as cowardice cyber stalkers would never attack real criminals, because they can certainly be sure, that those would and will  use other methods to "shut them up".

However, Evan Iliadis is  now at his end of cyber stalking career. He gets mocked about by his own kind ( Websites of other stalkers suddenly appear about him ), ridiculed and pestered. And he is a doomed criminal.
If he had any worthy assets, he already would have been "served". But he owns nothing. No house, no apartment,no car, nothing to pawn...his wife has to work as a cleaning lady for the neighbours. To Finance his internet trolling.

But let the Police and Prosecution work it out for themselves. After all, it is a public crime and they work automatic.
Or did Evan really think, one would sue HIM? He owns nothing, not worth it. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the ones with the cash.

Because now he can not claim any more, that it was an "oversight", and that was what we are all waiting for. He is now in the corner. Closed Case. Snap shot.

Exposed fully as fraudulent Cyber Harasser, Stalker, Faker and Cyber Troll- . Biggest Liar in the Universe. Poor guy with too much fantasy.

So what does that all mean for me, Guenther Vomberg, since  Evan Iliadis keeps talking about "changes in my life". Not that he would know, he is actually inventing all, since he don't know me and never knew me either.

As he proclaimed in his email. Click on the link to read it.

Of course I changed my life in the past year. But certainly not because of him or the Lie blogs which nobody reads and now nobody can believe any more. I always change my life, or better, improve it.

I opened another Restaurant, learned Blogging, little bit about SEO, translated my book (finally) and have some other translation projects lined up.
And I will be a Dad  :-)

If this isn't changing my life, then I don't know.

But Evan Iliadis has no part of it, he remains in his dark, filthy two bedroom social housing apartment above the Police Station.

Thank You for reading
Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg
Sinulog Time again :-)