Guenther Vomberg being cyberstalked

Guenther Vomberg being Cyberstalked by Evan Iliadis

Me on Santo Nino :-)
My name is Guenther Vomberg and I am "cyberstalked" by a 65 year old Pensioner named Evan Iliadis.
This man is apparently delusional, or better, suffers from Delusions of Grandeur.

I do not know him, just as he does not know me at all. We have never met, never talked, never anything to do with each other, neither professionally, nor even remotely in private life.

This would be also very unusual, as I generally associate only with civic minded people.

Since 1990 I was active in the Board of the Philippine-German  Club Duesseldorf e.V. . Our Major achievement was the Rehabilitation of Forests in Palawan in Joint Venture with the UP and the German Embassy. Major Hagedorn has since then copied the concept successful and Palawan has more Forest then ever before.

Then in 1995 I was Knighted by the Order of the Knights of Rizal Germany. This merit was given  for my activities in the mentioned Club as well as my general
Attitute towards the Philippines.

After I moved to the Philippines I finally had enough time to sail with my Yacht and came in contact with another Civic Organization of Volunteers, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary.(2000).

In the same Year I became the Protege of Cerge Remonde who invited me to a small, but illustrious Club in Cebu City, the Kiwanis Club of Cebu.

I like civic work and volunteering, I always did and will probably never stop doing so. I was always a "helpful" Person in my Private Circles, it just became logical that with age this will extend to the general Public.

Mr. Evan Iliadis, Cyberstalker and Troll, however thinks I do all this ( which is actually quite costly ) for my own benefits.
I wonder where the benefits are in spending about 3000 US $ annually  for civic works, but does this matter to a Liar and Troll such as Evan Iliadis ?

The only thing which connects me with him Is that he is "angry" that I used to post in an Internet forum. The same one where in 2008 he got "teased" due to his strange behaviour in relation with other members there.
This was  long before I participated in that forum. (Since December 2010).
And now he must be totally mad that I talked back to him, asked him questions and now of course EXPOSED him.

He run his hate blogs against many people, and the innocent reader may have believed this or that of his blogs, as he always "decorates" them with real Pictures and screenshot, although often forged with photoshopped
Thus an innocent Reader may tend believe, that he know his victims, but far out, he has never EVER met any of the People he accuses in his blogs.
With the exception of a rather strange fellow named Dean Boyd Marston from Australia. But he does not accuse this man, just defends him.

Every Photo he publishes is stolen from his victims facebook sites or other Internet Places.
He doesn't care about copyrights or laws. Even mocks it.
The rest what he "needs" for his ridiculous accusations he forges with photo-shop.
As all cyberstalking Trolls he has no problem with any legal violations.
He feels safe behind his keyboard in France and ONLY attacks people which he KNOW live on the other side of the Planet.

His motivation isn't honourable, all he wants to do is to destroy or harm Reputations of People. Just like Cyber Stalkers and Internet trolls do.

Since a few months I started to stop him and fight back. Not in the easy way with lawyers and courts. They would simply let him pay a small fine and order him to delete his Lies. Which he complies immediately with.
And turn on a new victim.
No , we, ( The latest Victims ) have decided to first EXPOSE HIM and his Lies, so that other future Victims will have it easier with this Troll.

Because when challenged with the TRUTH, Evan Iliadis becomes very uncomfortable and his blogs suddenly become more and more bizarre.
Thereby  exposing the full extend of his madness and ridiculous fantasies.

Christopher Bennetts, Bradley Hughes, Timothy Potter-Zol, Matt Wilkie, Guenther Vomberg, Perry Gamsby and others have all started exposing individually what this Stalker and Troll does.

And a lot more is in this Blog.

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