Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guenther Vomberg exposes the falsifications of Evan Iliadis

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What most people do not realize, is that Mr. Iliadis falsifies a lot  ( if not all ) of his "Evidence".


Because most people can not imagine the criminal energy such a Cyberstalker can have. False facebook profiles, Identity & email theft photoshopped Images, - everything.

Here is another screenshot of Evan Iliadis "Photoshopped fakes" :

A forgery of Evan Iliadis
It isn't even a good faking...

So- Mr. Iliadis "complains"
( who cares btw. ) that I claim to work for the Philippine Government and to proof this, he makes up a facebook Page with the help of Photoshop and some public pictures of my google Plus profile.

Then he "Photoshops" the entire "Artworks" into a Skill Page and write his usual Lies. Probably a few decades ago he would glue Newspaper letters together to form a new headline...

I would say, this is "evidence" worse than a six year old child can manufacture...its really funny.
The Skillpage format is from the year 2011 and the facebook is from before "Timeline"- April 2012, he must have the "building blocks" in his photoshop programs, but a bit outdated..hahaha.

And Mr. Iliadis is actually very much aware, that THIS IS NOT MY facebook Profile. He published facebook conversations he had with me in his blog, so he has my real facebook.

It is actually this one :
Since 2009, everyone can see it, the link is correct and leads to me Page.

And this is how it looks like...Not much about PhilippineGovernment. And the fact that I am a Commander at the Philippine Coastguard Auxiliary, is not deniable, even by Evan Iliadis. ( So he just defames the entire Volunteer Group and declares them as a "fun club", but that is another post )
Guenther Vomberg real facebook Page
Guenther Vombergs real facebook.

Now what Evan also "hides" in his "Photoshop, is the fact that the forged photoshopped Facebook profile he publishes over and over and proclaims as mine, shows a Restaurant Page ! This is why he never links to his original "sources", but to his own server. LMAO

And my (Filipina) wife and staff runs the Page. Its is a clearly marked Restaurant Page. For fun we now added a few more Jobs there, because nobody cares where a Restaurant works... :-)
and that is the original page:

Guenther Vomberg Restaurant facebook Page
The Real Stranded Shipscook Inn facebook page. And not Evan Iliadis fabricated one.

Now Evan Iliadis will probably proclaim, that I have faked my own facebook Page(s)...  

He is really thinking in that "strange" way !  :-) *

*- update Dec 22. 2012- it only took three weeks when the Cyberstalker did exactly what I said above - 

He claims I have faked my own facebook page and as a proof he made another Photoshop which is linked to...his own blog archives.smiley lol

A typical forgery by Evan Ikliadis
This is his so called 'Fresh" screenshot coming straight from...HIS Server, very convincing indeed.  :-) Mr. Manuel Garcia...
My FB page has not changed since Timeline was introduced.... Only his photoshopped screenshots about... the Restaurant page. LMAO. He is really really unbelievable funny.

This is getting Entertaining now.. I wonder what's next on my Stalkers Fantasy List. Please hit the RSS Subscriber button and you be updated automatic.

Thank you
Guenther Vomberg
Guenther Vomberg


  1. Linked on this page:

  2. What he did with your photos and rewriting an entirely new profile is very typical of Evan. He's done it to me and others, odd thing is he doesn't realise he has no audience. The ramblings he has done in the last year have gone so far that without a shadow of a doubt everyone knows he's nothing more than a compulsive liar and troll.

  3. How stupid can a man be ? Answer - very stupid.

    Evan Iliadis is as mature asa6 year old boy who got caught steeling and tries to lie is way out.
    And this Person is suppose to be a 65 Year old father with responsibilities ? I highly doubt that.
    There must be something deep and dark hidden inside him which he tries to cover with his Lies about other people.

  4. I do not understand that crazy fellow.
    He is living in France and has never met You ?
    And never met anyone else who knows you or the other people? He has not even been in Cebu.
    That is really crazy.

  5. A recent article just mentioned this post! This being Evan who complains that people stole his Facebook hahaha Big fat Greek laugh!"

  6. So let me get this right he wasted a day stealing your Facebook page from your restaurant then edited it to say its real?

    He does this all the time though as he's now claiming my blog is involved in some sexual activities.. which is not only laughable but the fact he hosts his blog amongst sites that even involve bomb making as well as pornography. While mine is on my own server with nothing criminal is beyond me. Guy is just a lost cause.