Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide- Book and Support

Cyber Bullying & Stalking Guide Self Helpbook

We have developed a strategy book for everyone.

As one can see in the prior blog posts about in my  Case, malicious Cyber Stalkers can appear out of nowhere and for no reasons at all.

Nobody is safe from them, not even, when one is not present in the Internet. Because mentally deranged individuals are among the population, and there is not much one can do about it.
Lucky for me that my Cyber Stalker had prior victims and we were able to get in touch with each other. ( Special thanks to +Matt Wilkie for his great efforts in finding and contacting them )

So in the past six months and with the technical guidance and help of
 +Chris Bennetts , who has 30 years experience in this sector, Matt, Chris, myself and others developed and tested (an often painful experience ) a strategy to tackle our  Cyber stalker under every aspect possible.
Of course we could have chosen a short and legal battle with lawyers, but most people are not able to afford one, and the identity of a Cyber Stalker is not always known. 
Thus we decided to try the long and trial and error approach. Ideal also because the Victims of our Stalker came from different countries and the devious Man himself sat in a third nation.
So we had Victims of 5 Nations, Internet Service providers of 3 Jurisdictions, and a hideous cowardice  Stalker who was not present in any of the above countries.
Nether the less the we were able to pull down over 400 Url's, ban him from virtually any decent Internet Service provider and push the Stalker into the Cyber Wworld of illegal hosting companies right into the Russian "Cyber Mafia Space".   

Out of this and many other experiences we were able to develop the most comprehensive and practical Guidebook for Victims of Cyber Harassment.

Not only researched and then written, but also TESTED practically in the cases of multiple Victims, some of them abused since 5 and more years.

The Result was a book designed and written by +CHRIS BENNETTS,

edited by the professional Author +PERRY GAMSBY.

I myself have translated and edited the GERMAN VERSION which will be published in a few days, when the newest latest editions have been made.

A big "Thank You" also to +TIM POTTER from SUGARLAND Texas.
+Bradley Hughes  and many other unnamed victims of our Cyber Stalker helping us.
They helped actively launching complaints, giving feedback and "tested" our theories in practical.
Last but not least I should thank the Cyberstalker EVAN ILIADIS, who made this all possible. At least he had a mediocre share.

Out of all this came a remarkable True Life Book.

Since today, the CYBER BULLYING AND STALKING GUIDE  is launched 

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  1. People should get this book. I was afforded a copy of the book and it is very comprehensive in its nature. Thanks.

  2. I highly rate the book. IF your suffering with a cyber stalker the hours you will be able to save by utilising the information in it alone makes it worth every cent.

  3. I am interested to get a copy of this book.

    1. You are welcome John , just click on the book image above or go to this link :

      at the end of the Info are the order procedures.