Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evan Iliadis can't stop and ruins himself, LOL

Even my Cat is laughing now.
Photo credit: guenthervomberg Cat LMAO)

This Cyber Stalker is incredibly ridiculous. 

One would think he would stop after being caught flat in faking and criminal acts.

But no, the guy is so embarrassing himself and keeps on running from one Pit trap after another.
Let me  recall my last blog, he first claims, that this is my facebook page :
Evan "fake" with formatting  from 2010 or 2011 ?

After I proved him wrong with a LIVE link to my actual facebook Page of Guenther Vomberg 's  :

But Mr. Iliadis said and insists - "straight from his facebook page" and then as usual linked to his own website where his photo-shopped copies sit in abundance.

His problem is, he works with a facebook forgery, and everyone can check the true facebook profiles of Guenther Vomberg even when Evan Iliadis doesn't link to it. Something which did not came into Evans mind.
So people now have had second thoughts and suddenly discovered, that Evan Iliadis is the culprit and "bad guy".
But he never thought about that. His bad. Now he lost his last "followers". Not only the ones which supported him actively but also passive Readers.

Just as he never thought about his own "storyline" which is full of controversies.

On one hand his victims are all "connected" and run their alleged scams together, on the other hand he congratulate them to be "new friends".
On one hand he lifts a popular German from Bohol high up in the Air as an exemplary Man,- and when he found out, that this German is a close friend of mine, he suddenly condemns him into the ground.

And so many other examples, often he say things in one sentence which are controversial by the end of the same.

But this does not come to his mind. I wonder often if he really reads his own nonsense before publishing.
It appears like a Child playing with "Lego". he takes impressive sentences stolen somewhere from the Internet without understanding them,changes a few names and then "builds" them together as new sentences. That is really funny.

Meanwhile Evan Iliadis is soo fanatic, that he lately even has bought 
( YES, he paid money, loads of money ) for the domain names of his target Guenther Vomberg and a few others. (LOL)

Something I haven't even done in 20 years for myself. And why would I ? Everything in the Internet is FREE.

Blogs, Social Platforms, "Home-pages", (sub) domains ..
Why would I spend 18 Dollars or more for my name? Annually ?

But Evan Ilaids does just that...he bought my name Guenther Vomberg.
And the name of other guys. At least two that I knew off.
And he spends hundreds of US $ for his websites in Russia.
No more free blogging for him. He has been banned at all major sites for being a Cyber troll. Thanks to me. No wonder he hates me.

At least he got the Wordpress software for free.

(Be careful Evan, Wordpress is Open Source Software, and you have a Russian Server Host )

The poor man is really a pitiful "person". Instead of enjoying the last years of his life in dignity he sits on his MAC and writes blogs about people he has never met and which have never done anything to him or others. At least the three I know and have met. Chris Bennetts, Timothy Potter-Zol, Matt Wilkie. Although I have not met Matt yet...But just like the other people seem absolutely innocent people.
Well, they all must be innocent, as cowardice cyber stalkers would never attack real criminals, because they can certainly be sure, that those would and will  use other methods to "shut them up".

However, Evan Iliadis is  now at his end of cyber stalking career. He gets mocked about by his own kind ( Websites of other stalkers suddenly appear about him ), ridiculed and pestered. And he is a doomed criminal.
If he had any worthy assets, he already would have been "served". But he owns nothing. No house, no apartment,no car, nothing to pawn...his wife has to work as a cleaning lady for the neighbours. To Finance his internet trolling.

But let the Police and Prosecution work it out for themselves. After all, it is a public crime and they work automatic.
Or did Evan really think, one would sue HIM? He owns nothing, not worth it. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the ones with the cash.

Because now he can not claim any more, that it was an "oversight", and that was what we are all waiting for. He is now in the corner. Closed Case. Snap shot.

Exposed fully as fraudulent Cyber Harasser, Stalker, Faker and Cyber Troll- . Biggest Liar in the Universe. Poor guy with too much fantasy.

So what does that all mean for me, Guenther Vomberg, since  Evan Iliadis keeps talking about "changes in my life". Not that he would know, he is actually inventing all, since he don't know me and never knew me either.

As he proclaimed in his email. Click on the link to read it.

Of course I changed my life in the past year. But certainly not because of him or the Lie blogs which nobody reads and now nobody can believe any more. I always change my life, or better, improve it.

I opened another Restaurant, learned Blogging, little bit about SEO, translated my book (finally) and have some other translation projects lined up.
And I will be a Dad  :-)

If this isn't changing my life, then I don't know.

But Evan Iliadis has no part of it, he remains in his dark, filthy two bedroom social housing apartment above the Police Station.

Thank You for reading
Guenther Vomberg

Guenther Vomberg
Sinulog Time again :-)


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  2. I confess I have been too busy of late to even give Iliadis a moment's thought. He no longer is of any issue to me, to be honest. I have reprinted his allegations and shown them to the people in my life who matter and they are incredulous that he does what he does. Most of them, like me, understand he is (he must be!) mentally ill and therefore we pity him and give him some latitude. As for his fake photoshopping of Facebook sites, I know for a fact there is a crackdown on this at FB as I type. It is a crime now in several jurisdictions, including France where he does his thing from and that is how he will come a cropper as we say. I am just waiting for him to repeat something I slipped into a few of my blogs which will give my friends a good laugh at his expense. No point proving he does this, it is well known and as you said, even among cyber trolls he is a laughing stock. So sad when you think...

  3. Evan Iliadis is washed up, washed out, rinsed and hung out to dry